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Arma 3 Set Vehicle Speedl

Good night!Could anyone help me with 2 things please:1) How to change the vehicles (car/boats/heli/planes) speed, please? I can change the price, carry limit, but don't find the speed option.2) How to add same cars fromJonzie's Mod - =561566896 and use this other mod to allow players customize ther cars after buy it: =6277793753) Anyone could recommend me more driveable boats, like largue ships (cargo / transport / turism / sports ), please?

Arma 3 Set Vehicle Speedl

Thank you KR3!!!So lets see.The first thing that i want is change the speed from normal vehicles, already on Arma 3.The hatchback speed, the offread speed, the boats speed.When im editting the Config_Vehicles.hpp (AltisLife PBO), there aren't the speed option. It have: vItemSpace , licenses[] , price and textures[] .So, the first step is ho to change the speed of this vehicles.The other step, i found the Jozen's mod with very nice cars, and i figured out that it uses variables to set car's colors, car's equips and other's car's config.To begining, i need some help on how to create a new Shop Car in altis, with this new vehicles from the mod.I don't knew where in the dedicated server, i have to place the mod's files and how to call it on one npc shop.Could you help me with that, please? Or do u knew some tutorial that have a step by step to do that, please?Thank you very much for the help

Thank you for help.I can't find the PBO of the original Arma 3 vehicles. Could you tell me where is it, please? The offroud. and the 2 civ boats pleases.About the mods, i found the config for the cars, but its in .BIN format. I can open it with notepad++ but it is crypted (a lot of unknew characteres). Any way how to edit it?Thank you very much!

First of all, you can't modify Arma 3 Addons because it's not allowed, you are allowed to modify modded vehicles that you download, like the jonzie pack (if the author allows it). If you want to edit a config file that is in .bin format you need to use Arma 3 Tools to convert it. I'm not gonna tell you how tho because I can't be bothered, just look for yourself and you'll find it eventually. If you don't know how to work with configs or Arma 3 Tools I would just suggest not to at all.

its a big problem =(I didn't find any mod with a nice speedboat and the Arma's original is too slow.I got a problem with Jozen mod. When i uses it on my server, some functions stops working, i've noticed 2, but maybe it have more:1- The button Accessories on gun shop npc stops working. You click it and nothing happens or it becames disabled...2- The option to turn on lights on vehicles just disappears =(marvinzih: do you knew how to fix it, please? And do you recommend me a better way to increases (or implement) an speedboat much faster, please? 200+ km/h. Could be the original, but more faster.Thank you for the help!

There is no way to increase the speed on "Arma 3" Vehicles again, and I have never got a problem with Jonzie vehicles, check your init on the NPC to make sure that you haven't screwed anything up. I don't think that a Mod Pack can ever affect your mission file (like the NPC's) because it has nothing with it to do.

Aaaaaaah too bad i can't change vehicles speed =(ABout Jonzie mod, when i use it, the option on my Gun Shop, Acessories, stops working. I click it, nothing happens.I disabes the mod, and its works.I can't understand the reason.About the lights, i figure out that is because the option to turn it on only appears at night time. Was always like it? I never noticed it before. Is possible to show the option all time of the day, too?I'll record a video showing the error with Gun Shop and post here to show what's happening.Anyway, thank you for all ur help It helped me a lot.

When driving on the road, drivers set their own speed based on the terrain and road conditions [4]. When the road's horizontal, vertical, and horizontal geometric elements exceed the minimum requirements for safe driving of automobiles on this grade of road, and external conditions such as traffic density, terrain, and climate are favorable, the actual driving speed of automobiles often approaches or exceeds the design speed [5, 6]. Entering the intersection and arranging them according to the time mark, according to existing research, can not only reflect the characteristics of drivers' individual driving behavior. Time series differ from ordinary series in that the data are organized in chronological order, and each numerical point has a corresponding time point [7]. These data are generated as part of the day-to-day operations of businesses, hospitals, schools, and other institutions, and they gradually accumulate into a large-scale time series database. The two types of data can be mutually supplemented and verified using data fusion. The accuracy of vehicle speed prediction across corresponding regions will be improved as well.

The speed information of vehicles before entering the intersection can be used as the basis of vehicle collision risk assessment at the intersection. Literature [16] studies the probability model between the speed of vehicles heading for the intersection and the occurrence of collision accidents, and there is a clear correlation between the speed and the acceptable gap in the workshop. Literature [17] puts forward a dynamic model and a communication model between vehicles after analyzing the characteristics and process of traffic conflicts at signalless intersections and sorts out a set of algorithms. Finally, the effectiveness of the algorithm is verified by computer programming simulation. Literature [18] developed a speed control device for vehicle turning left at intersection. Finally, the simulation results show that the device can really improve the safety of vehicle turning left at intersection. Literature [19] puts forward two strategies of setting left-turn phase and left-turn waiting area at intersections to improve the traffic quality at intersections. Literature [20] found that the intersection conflict simulated by software or model is very suitable for the actual intersection conflict research. Literature [21] holds that the occurrence of traffic accidents is mainly caused by the driver's mistakes, and the driver carries out a series of driving actions for a certain purpose, but the original driving intention cannot be realized due to the operation mistakes. Literature [22] establishes a hidden Markov model based on the pedal opening of the vehicle and the position information of the vehicle, so as to determine the intention that the driver really wants to achieve. Reference [23] establishes a hidden Markov model to infer the driver's intention when the vehicle deviates to different degrees. The final reasoning result is applied to the control device of the vehicle, which increases the safety of the vehicle when driving.

In the ARMA environment, the dynamic performance of high-speed moving vehicles is very high. Therefore, when the parameters change little, we use a larger adaptive forgetting factor μk to increase the prediction strength. When the parameters change greatly, a small adaptive forgetting factor μk is used to enhance the identification accuracy. The formula of adaptive forgetting factor used in this paper is as follows:

After the vehicle stops, determine the position of the collision point according to the traveling direction of the vehicle and measure the distance from the starting point to the collision point, as shown in Figure 3.

In straight-line sections, drivers will first choose between three types of traffic crossing options based on their destination and intersection design: straight, left, or right. The external information, such as traffic lights/signs, other vehicles, pedestrians, nonmotor vehicles, roads and obstacles at intersections, weather factors, and so on, is primarily received visually. The driver will adjust his speed to prepare for entering the intersection based on the above factors. The driver primarily uses the accelerator and brake pedals to adjust the speed of his own car on the straight road section.

If you go straight through the intersection, the driver's main gaze targets are the vehicles and traffic lights ahead. Compared with the other two turning modes of crossing, the influencing factors of straight-through crossing are relatively simple. However, the change of traffic lights directly affects whether the vehicle stops or not. Therefore, the speed of straight-through traffic varies greatly.

The vehicles run continuously in space, and the number and types of vehicles passing through different sections of each test section are basically the same in the same time period. However, for different observation points on the same section, the composition structure of vehicle types has spatial differences. In the process of driving on the expressway, certain drivers will frequently change lanes in order to choose the best route. This reflects the change of running speed in the direction.

Because of the complexity and diversity of highway alignment composition, there are some differences in the running speed of entering the slope section, which affects the running speed of different sections on the slope section. Set at the longitudinal slope's beginning, middle, and end points, and increase the position section of the minimum sight distance point in the vertical curve section. You can track the vehicle to record the speed if the slope length is less than 800 meters. One person stands at the bottom of the slope or at the top of the slope, measuring the speed with a speed gun. Follow two people and keep track of their speed in two different directions. Because the speed measuring range of a radar speed measuring gun is limited when the slope is longer than 800 meters, more speed measuring personnel should be equipped. Record the relevant alignment and road surface parameters, roadside conditions, and road surface conditions of the point after the speed measurement test is completed, and take photos. 350c69d7ab


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